officially part of the Uplift family // new website

We are officially on the official website! How great is that? You can still contact me as you have before but take note of our new official email. More news? This is our new website –


Cheers!Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 7.56.15 PM


no more personal pick-ups and parcels until further notice // enough volunteers

Mira and I are both very busy trying to send the bras off to NGOs in Cambodia at the moment. We haven’t even decided on them! Indeed we have collected about 1,000 bras over the summer and will be collecting more at Markets so we’re running overload on our capacity. Mira is even back in college! We hope you understand!

We also have enough volunteers for Markets. Special thanks to Do Good. Volunteer and the volunteers themselves for spreading the word. Can’t tell you how thankful we are at Uplift and how excited we are to work with you!

Much love,


Markets @ Jaya One

Hi there! We’re going to be at Jaya One so please come by to donate your bras, I won’t be going around to pick them up for the upcoming months. This is a bra-drive/swap party at Jaya One’s famous bazaar series called Markets. There will be tons of other vendors (food, etc) to entertain you too! For more information, go to Also, we need volunteers for the day so come along! 10496253_722841461123160_7348283901324190954_o

Project Laos #1: Luang Prabang

Last week founder of Uplift Malaysia, Nicole Lee, visited Laos with the Alice Smith School of Kuala Lumpur and donated just over 700 bras, board games, bags and stationaries. Living the village life was a contrast to the city life in Kuala Lumpur she grew up in. In addition to the bras, she and her school helped build a school for a village in Luang Prabang, taught English and also got to know the cute kids living there. We hope to be back again!

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See what she had to say about her experience at her blog!