The Uplift Family Tree

Founded in 2014 by Nicole Lee, here is the list of national coordinators to date and a little more about them:

We follow the British school calendar so each leadership lasts from September of one year to September of the next (when school re-opens)

2014 Nicole Lee

I’m a regular 18 years old student currently studying at the Alice Smith School of Kuala Lumpur. I’m a Singaporean by document but am anak Malaysia at heart. I moved to Malaysia when I was 3 and I can’t say how grateful I am to have grown up in such a wonderful country where food is everything and didn’t have to study for PSLEs. Other than food, I enjoy running, reading (mainly about history, politics and economics in South East Asia), listening to John Mayer and doing what any other teenager my age would do.

I have to admit it, even though the Uplift Project has become such a big thing in my life, it was not until 2014 that I was deeply involved in any volunteer or NGO work. Although I had a late start in this field, I’m so glad I did it any way. It has impacted my life in a very positive way and I hope to continue to inspire other girls to do the same.

I blog here from time to time, and I will be heading to university in 2015 overseas but I hope someone with enough heart and kindness will continue this project. My teacher, Ms Su, the Singapore coordinator for Singapore, inspired me to do what she does. To give without asking for anything in return is something she has taught me through her caring actions and I believe I still have so many lessons to learn from Ms Su who taught me earlier on in my primary school days in elc International School. Her selflessness and sweet smile remains infectious until today!

I never intended for it to be somewhat of a legacy but I do want girls to experience the feelings I felt whilst helping other women, visiting them in their own villages etc. There is so much more to this work than just gathering bras and sending them – it’s a real eye-opener and especially for international school children, like me, who have never experienced poverty of any kind or seen another part of the world that doesn’t involve cityscapes that light up in bright lights. And at the end of all that, you realise it’s so great to be human and be humane. There is good in the world, and it’s not so hard to find it if you know where to look for it. 

2014-2015 Hye Inn Cecilia Roh

I guess you could say that I’m your average 16 year old, just trying to figure it all out. Currently, I’m studying at the Alice Smith School in Kuala Lumpur. At the age of one, I moved to Malaysia and there really isn’t anywhere else I could call home. While I do have an unhealthy obsession with Taylor Swift (as well as baking and things that smell like Christmas), I’d be lying if I said that volunteering was not a significant part of my last 16 years.

 I’ve been part of the BGIFC (British Guides in Foreign Countries) since the age of five, taking part in helping our community as well as working on my self-development. Each summer, I head back to my birthplace in South Korea and aid in organising camps and jamborees along with my grandfather for the Boy Scouts (I guess I really am just a chip off the old block!) Other than this, sport has also a long time passion of mine. I regularly engage in touch rugby and running; I even had the honours of being MVP last season and Captain for the squad this season. This year, I took my love of sports one step further by coaching the U13’s girls, earning a well-deserved 2nd place.

Other things I am passionate include Lana Del Rey, fuzzy socks and old Hollywood movies (as well as the smell of coconut!)


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