Collections, Donations and Drop-offs

If you wonder if you have anything in that underwear drawer of yours that you think we would accept, we thank you in advance! We accept most items that are either new or gently used in ANY SIZE. These are the specific items that we are looking for.

  • Any style bras.
  • Nursing, maternity or breastfeeding bras.
  • Mastectomy bras – with or without prosthesis/ gel/ etc.
  • Nursing pads – disposables or reusables.

Please ensure that they are relatively clean, are not torn or with clasps broken, and are meant for daily wear. U-bras, torsolettes, strapless, peephole bras, adhesive bras, bandeau bras, corsets and all other types of bras that can make us blush will unfortunately have to be refused. 😉


Please always use this e-mail address:, or contact me via our Facebook page. For now, we do not collect bras personally due to our busy study schedule but we will hold bra-raisers so stay tune to our Facebook! Depending on the time, we may an exception to this.

Post them to me

You can kick it old school and use our Malaysian post office! Send them in an envelope or whatever you feel appropriate. Once again, e-mail me or post on our Facebook and I will give you my address details. For my family and my own safety though, I may be a bit nosy and ask a few questions, or may even prefer to call you just to clear up any suspicion – we all know how it goes down in KL!

Collection by me

I can’t promise that I can make it on all occasions – we know a lot about the traffic jams that happen in KL, don’t we? – but I’ll try my best and I hope it doesn’t hamper your charitable mood. PM me your location and I’ll see what I can do.

If you are a business or an individual who wish to help in other ways, please do click on ‘Volunteer & Help’ to find out more!

All individuals, groups and businesses who contribute to the bra drive will be mentioned under the different months. If you wish to remain anonymous, please let us know or send in a witty codename 😉

Cash Donation

Any donation would help greatly to cut shipping costs etc.
Contact me if you want to do so! 🙂



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