Beneficiaries, Donors, Sponsors and Special Thanks

It’s only fair that you know where the bras go. Transparency is what we practice here at Uplift Malaysia. Click away for more information about our beneficiaries.

Village Focus (Cambodia and Laos)

Asha (Nepal)

HELPED BY Ash Be Nimble

HUGE, HUGE thanks to ash be nimble for helping us out in getting the word out there!

Who is ash be nimble? ash be nimble is a Malaysian home grown brand bent on designing & making high quality, ‘fashunctional’ (fashionable AND functional) sports apparel! The team is based in Kuala Lumpur and was first launched on the 14th of March 2014 at the Malaysia Women’s Marathon.

Fitness and fashion definitely goes hand-in-hand and this is great for people who do ultra marathons, weekly Kiara trail runs, yoga, muay thai, basketball, football, crossfit, dance & anything that involves the stylish pursuit of sweatyness!
What do we make? Currently, they only sell women’s sportswear with menswear waiting in the wings to be launched in 2015! Their women’s range consists of sports bras, (short) shorts, knee length & three quarter length crops for running, dancing, eating, singing, working out and everything in between.
Hui Mathews, the founder, herself, donated bras of her own! Check her out on Facebook and ash be nimble’s official website. She can also be contacted at
Perhaps our biggest sponsor to date! Sponsoring our flights to and fro Nepal to visit NGOs and donate the bras personally so we can meet our recipients and get to know them. It’s time more people discovered Nepal. Look out for our collaterals etc.
SPONSORED BY Mail Boxes Etc. 

Sponsoring our boxes for posts when we can’t go to visit the NGOs is Mail Boxes Etc. A huge, huge thank you to Brian Chow for supporting the project here in Malaysia.

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