… But Why Bras for Charity?

Hi there!

We are the unprecedented Uplift Project coordinator for Malaysia! We’re so happy to promote the movement right here in Malaysia and collect your new or pre-loved bras for charity. Bras that we collect will be sent to various NGOs and support groups who will in turn distribute them to underprivileged ladies from disadvantaged communities.

For more information about the movement, click ‘The Uplift Project’ after mousing over the main menu symbol! 🙂 

Uplift Project promo card front page

Why bras?

Stop Wastage
80% of all women are wearing the wrong size bra and many women don’t use all the bras in their lingerie drawer, so why waste them when there are women in less fortunate countries that do not even have bras to wear because they simply cannot afford them? Even with hand-me-down clothes, a nice bra can make all the difference in the world.

It is sad to think that some women are forced to spend what little money they have on food so they can survive instead of being able to buy something as simple as a bra to wear.  Something as simple as a bra that we don’t use because it doesn’t fit right or is the wrong color is a treasure to women in third world countries. 

Collecting bras for charity not only focuses on underprivileged women and girls but also focuses on human trafficking and social justice issues. By donating a bra, you’re potentially giving a former slave, a former victim, a job that will help them feed their families, if they have any, but most importantly themselves, especially young adults. Second-hand clothing is a market that is sought-after in third world countries, so why not help them earn a few bucks? Most women earn about three times the minimum wage just by doing this! Moreover, this allows them to be flexible and those who have been trafficked or enslaved at a young age can catch up on their education 🙂

Safe Social Integration
By selling bras, women and girls, especially those who were victims of trafficking and slavery, can meet other women to help them heal the wounds of the past. This communication is important for young adults in particular. With this communication, women and girls can re-build their strength mentally and physically with one another and slowly re-integrate into society and their normal routines after being abused, although this is hard to forget. 

By donating a bra, you’re also recycling and this helps save the environment and resources needed to make new bras. Economically, it allows the women and girls to have a competitive edge because they sell the bras at wholesale prices which once again, provides job opportunities. 

Myth #1: Disruption to Local Markets
It’s often said that second hand markets in third world countries disrupt local markets – such as donations in Tanzania, as I’ve learned in AS Geography – but this is not always true. Despite having a competitive edge, the second-hand bras market have little effect on local markets and thus is no threat to others who are also struggling to make a living. These links are evident of that:

The second-hand market in Mozambique
Second-hand clothing exports

Last but not Least… Dignity.
We firmly believe that all women deserve to have intimates that make them feel good about themselves.  These women most likely feel down and out because they don’t have what we take for granted, bras. I mean, do you remember when your mum, dad, or guardian bought you your first bra? Most women and girls don’t have that experience even if they wished but if we can do just a little something to make their day better, then it is worth it.  It can be something as simple as the bra in your dresser drawer that you no longer wear or if you don’t have any you don’t wear, consider purchasing one for our cause.  It doesn’t have to be expensive. (try Tesco?) The women who receive them won’t care how much you paid for one or even what color it is.  They will just be happy to have one. They’re grateful for not only your efforts, but your thoughts. 


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